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{cr<Quest{cyCoin>{c0 Rewards

{cr<Quest{cyCoins>{c0 will be put on certain mobs, by an immortal, over the realms for

players to obtain. Once a player obtains a {cr<Quest{cyCoin>{c0, he/she cannot put

it in a house/bag/alt and must keep it visible to be obtained if killed.

These {cr<Quest{cyCoins>{c0 will be set out every 2 or 3 days and will be collected at

a certain date, posted a few days prior. Rewards for players with these coins

will go as follows:

1 coin 1 brass token

4 coins 1 bronze token

10 coins 3 bronze tokens

15 coins 5 bronze tokens

20 coins 1 silver


This quest was created by Lonewolf with the help of Mordecai.