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If you have remorted for the first time, you'll drop out of the Seekersclan.

Which also means that after your first remort, using a flaming red feather

might be deadly. Now you'll have to decide whether you want to join a clan

(with all it's benefits) or if you prefer to stay a loner.

There may be several reasons why a player becomes a loner, for instance that

they like to play their game in peace, independent of any loyalty ties to a

certain Clan, or that they are tired of the policies, intrigues and power

struggle that are usually abundant in Clans. But it could also be because they

are such jerks that none of the existing Clans will accept them as member. As

a result the loners range from very good players to total Twinks.

Clan members are usually very loyal to each other; don't expect the same from

a loner. They might help occasionally, but don't count on it, they are apt to

look out mainly for themselves. After all, that's why they are loners.

Loners is not a Clan, and they lack all the advantages that the Clan Halls

provide. Their only facility is a shelter, somewhere in the Sherwood Forest,

where you get access to some healing potions. They also have a Recall item to

bring them there, a wolf whistle.

To get this whistle you need to seek out Maid Miriam, near the HQ of Robin

Hood, and say to her: 'I want to be a loner'. She will give you a whistle,

which you can only use if you are not a member of any Clan.

There is only one rule between loners: you NEVER ever attack or kill another

loner in the Shelter, or your whistle will be revoked.