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Roleplay RP

Roleplay is not enforced in 4D, but it is strongly encouraged, because

roleplaying gives the game an extra dimension. Roleplayers get a few

immediate, but minor, advantages, like:

  • access to some special boards, rooms or zones, for instance the 4 RP Inns
  • access to the IC Channel, which only can be monitored by Roleplayers
  • the option to restring clothes for RP reasons
  • the ability to collect awardpoints for different rprewards.

For people serious about Roleplay as a part of their 4Dimensions experience,

it is strongly suggested that they obtain what is known as an RP Flag. The

flags will allow players to enter certain zones otherwise cut off to them,

and also prompt other Roleplayers to want to interact with you.

In order to get the flag there are some very simple requirements, that are

enforced, as the RP flag is a serious addition to creating character depth.

  • One must have a background history submitted to the Immortal staff to be
posted on the website.
  • One must also have a character description. The description need not be
complicated. For more on Backgrounds, and Character Descriptions see:

The help files will provide you with full guidelines, tips, and rules.

An RP flag will prompt efforts to start a RP session with you, and help you

to create friends fast and, and maybe faster enemies..

If all you want to do is kill mobs, explore and solve quests that's fine -

but don't apply for the RP Flag then. In blatant cases the RP flag may

even be revoked.

East of Recall is the ROLEPLAYERS' OFFICE where you can get more information

about Roleplaying in 4D.