4D has more features than many Pay-to-play Muds, but maybe the best of them all is that it is 100% free to play. No hidden agenda, where you suddenly find out that you have to pay real money to get access to the best things in the game, no cheesy ‘donation equipment’ that gives those with fat wallets advantages over others.

In 4D your success is totally dependent on your own gaming skills. But to make things a bit easier for you, we have gathered some information about our most prominent features under this heading.

Unlike other MUDs 4D isn’t created around one theme but 4 – also called the Four Dimensions: Prehistoric – Medieval – Old West – Future.

During the creation of your character you can pick any of the 8 races, based on those 4Dimensions: Centaur – Faun – Dwarf – Elf – Gringo – Indian – Martian – Spacewolf.

Next to the race you can also pick your class: during creation you can choose any of the 3 basic classes to get a feeling for that class: Fighter – Rogue – Spellcasting Class.

As you progress through the Mudschool you’ll be given the chance to pick the class you think fits you best: Hunter – Warrior – Gypsy – Thief – Ranger – Esper – Priest – Mage. Later on as you level, you’ll be able to play every class.

Once you have gone through Mudschool to learn the basic commands, you’ll be ready to explore the different zones 4D offers.

And 4D has quite a few things to offer: Exploring, Questing, Leveling through combat or converting collected Tradepoints into experience, collect Tokens to buy personalized items or your own house with a crashproofroom to store you equipment, join one of the Clans, become the Deed master by collecting as many deeds as possible, the optional Roleplay (with the ability to marry another player and even have children), optional Player Killing and so many other things.

The full potential of the game only unfolds as you play it, but this will give you a head start, because in 4D knowledge equals success.

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