New Area: Castle Roogna and the Southern Range

Castle Roogna and the Southern Range

Before she retired years ago, Fenix left us with an unfinished zone based on the Xanth series of books. Now, her remastered work can be explored.

Along the Western Trade Route, about halfway to Camelot, Castle Roogna lies protected by a magical barrier. King Dor and Queen Iris need your help to take their son and daughter on an exciting quest.   Your adventures should take you far and wide.  Check in with Irene to get an appointment with the King.


Along the Southern Bend, a towering mountain range looms high in the sky over Odessin and the Orc outpost.  What mysteries do these mountains hold, and what civilization lies beyond their peaks?  Few have even discovered the Southern Bend, fewer still will solve this puzzle.

New Area: Kamino Cloning Facility

Rise Of The Clones

Somewhere in the Outer Rim, on the aquatic planet of Kamino, Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas has commissioned a grand army for the Galactic Republic.  Just before he was killed, Sifo-Dyas erased the exact location from the archives.

The father of the clones, Jango Fett, has been identified as the mastermind behind the assassination attempts on Senator Amidala.  He spends his days holed up in the Kamino Cloning Facilities, on the run from Obi Wan.

You’ll need to hunt the outer reaches of the known galaxy around Coruscant if you want to find it.  While you’re there, maybe you can eliminate the clone army and save the republic from itself.


There are no shuttles bound for Kamino, you’ll need to look for something out of place.
Dimension: Future
Difficulty: Medium
Rooms: 50

New Area: The Orc Uprising

The Orc Uprising!!

Calling all Worg Riders!! Save Old Yorke!!

Somewhere south of Yorke, the fragile peace between the goblins and the orcs has been shattered, and the goblins are the only thing left to prevent the orcs from storming Old Yorke.  Though the goblins are holding the orcs at bay, their reserves of combat-ready warriors are running thin.  Worg Riders are needed urgently!  Find General Griel and enlist now!


Questcard: 126
Dimension: Medieval
Difficulty: Medium
Rooms: 100

Website Update:

Update: Welcome to the new website for 4Dimensions Mud

After a long development, The WordPress site has now become the new landing page for
all of the menus have been updated, and the Wiki also has a copy of the previous content like maps/currency/quests etc, and a copy of the in-game help files.

Please feel free to mail/note Molly/Diandra or myself of errors or changes that you think would improve things.

Or fill out a quick web survey.


Updates and Adding new features:
For the right-hand menu, recent posts and discord chat test widget are now live.

Connecting to discord with the following invite link.
will join you to the #general chat channel, private channels for all clans and admin have been added but you will need an invite as needed to join those.

Please test and let me know what you think by sending me a note in game, or leaving a comment in the general chat window.


New Area: Starwars – Planet Jakku

The Path Of Awakening

A long, long time from now, in a zone far, far away, the force lies dormant beneath the hot desert sands on the wasteland planet of Jakku. AT-ATs sit broken in the dunes as First Order stormtroopers march by searching for a missing ball-droid.

A scavenger named Rey needs your help to find her parents while Poe Dameron tries in vain to repair his broken X-Wing fighter. Want to make some imperial credits? Join the junk traders who roam the deserts in search of wreckage to trade. Or find the Graveyard of Giants, somewhere beyond Cratertown, where the behemoths lie.

But beware the silver-plated stormtrooper, her
wrath is to be feared. With more planets, ships and meteors
yet to come, will you awaken the force?


Shuttles leave from the Corellian Centerpoint, or the Space Port on Level Four, Bay Eleven.
Dimension: Future
Difficulty: Medium
Rooms: 100

Work In Progress – The Questjournal

Last year, 4D MUD had a prototype quest journal created entirely from triggers, which worked for a few quests. This year, Roland took the idea further, and now we have code for a working quest journal. While only 20% of the questcards are in the quest journal, we aim to eventually include all of the quests in the MUD.

What does the quest journal offer? For the player, it tracks the quests done, as well as the stages the player is at in the quest. There’s even the option for the player to reset questflags, if he / she gets stuck, or is unable to complete the quest due to performing a wrong step.

That’s not all though. The quest journal also tracks traders in the zone (if the zone has any), and shows you what you have traded so far. Furthermore, for some zones, the quest journal tracks the achievements in the zone, which are non quest related things which players can do.

Check out the first 20 quests (and a few others) by coming onto 4D MUD, typing QLIST to see the quests in the quest journal, and QCHECK for more information!

For the imms, the quest journal also provides a way to see if a quest is truly bugged (and the player cannot proceed), or if the player has missed a key step by typing QCHECK <num> DEBUG <playername>.

Previously, unless the imm knew the quest, it was difficult to fix quests where players said they were unable to progress further, because it could be a script mistake, or the player not completing a key step. So patching in a fix might actually break the quest for future players.

Imms can now use this command to see where the player is on the quest, and what the player needs to do in order to proceed.

So if you get stuck on a quest and unsure if it’s a bug, never fret! Instead of submitting a bug report, you can get immediate action by asking an imm to help!

Sheltem – 01 March 2017

It’s Halloween!

It’s Halloween! You know what that means, right?
It means there is a Halloween zone!
Where? East, of course, through the mist beyond the park.
Some of it will seem familiar, but a lot of it will be different.
There are certain areas you can only access at night.
And some you can access only during the day.
There are things you’ll only see at night.
And things you will only see during the day.
Many thanks to Maco who did about 90% of it.

Kvetch – 30 October 2016

Opening of Maco’s New Zone – Victorian England II

London Bridge image

We have a new zone in 4D, namely Victorian England II. And it’s not just any zone, it’s an unusually good one, built in reverence to one of our most popular zones,  Amber’s Victorian London.

Maco’s 300 room extension to VE adds several streets to the London map, but also landmarks like Castle Frankenstein, Scotland Yard, St Michael’s Cathedral and the Highgate Cemetary and the famous London Bridge over the River Thames. It opens a totally new view of the city from the roof tops, where the chimneysweeps reside. But it also gives insight in the darker and less reputable parts of London; shady alleys, dark tunnels and catacombs under the ground surface, and the infamous London Steamworks, where many a worker toiled to their death. And let’s not forget Diagon Alley; didn’t you all want to visit that secret part of London?

Special thanks go to the playtesters, Tor and Ivana, and Jubei and Vryce.

This new zone has amazingly good descriptions and several intriguing quests. But be warned – this is not an easy zone, and some parts of it are really dangerous. On the other hand; there are some unusually good rewards… I hope you all will enjoy this addition to the 4D World as much as I did.

Molly O’Hara – September 6th 2016

New site wip

Currently the new site is having some WordPress permission issues, and the post are not linking directly.

The menu links on the left and right hand sides should be working normally and the current players list should update when the page is refreshed.

more updates will follow.

Page posts/page linking issue resolved
Updated vote list with World Online Games and set all to open in a new tab/window.
investigating buddypress issue with user account profile pages not loading.

An upgrade of the skinning feature. – 25 May 2015 – Molly

You can now process your skins, by first scraping and then rubbing and tanning them. The utility and information you need for this, (a Leather Knife and a Tanning Vat), can be found in the Tanner’s Workshop, in Crafter’s Alley, Northeast of Olde Yorke. Looking at the knife, the vat and the developed objects that you produce, will give further info about what else you need.

There is also more detailed info about the process on our webpage: Market for Crafted Objects. The price for the processed skins and leather will generally be much better than for the raw ones, (with the exception of a few, very valuable skins).

A list of the potential buyers is below:

Fingal, the Furrier in Crafter’s Alley
Bill, the Leather worker in Olde Yorke
Lionel, the armourer in Olde Yorke
Torin, the Dwarf armorer in The Mine
Dirty Harry, the armorer of Thandar
Goberone, the armoire shopkeeper in Osten Ard
Velad, the armory keeper in the Elven Metropolis