Building is hard work, normally it takes at least 100 hours work (effective time) to finish a zone that will meet the required standards in 4D – and if you are new at building it might take quite a bit longer. So if you do not have the time to put about 8 hours a week into it, you shouldn’t build at all, because it would take you way too long to finish your zone. Sure enough, building can be very rewarding in itself, and there are quite a few and substantial rewards for the Builders too, but let’s face it – not everybody is cut out to be a Builder. Of the more than 200 Builders that have passed through our Building Port during the years we have been online, less than 10% ever finished a zone, only 1% finished more than one zone, and the majority never got past 5 rooms.

More information can be found in the Builders Application Room south of recall for how to apply.

There is also a section on the Wiki listing various scripts and a basic walkthrough of building a room, mob, and an item.

Wiki Building Guide

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