4 Dimensions MUD has set up a system of Clans.

Currently, there are 9 clans in 4D, apart from Seekers:

  • Chaos
  • Dark-Jedi
  • Dragons
  • Saints
  • Sicilians
  • Table Round
  • Table Round
  • Vampire
  • Vikings
  • Mordonose (previously Qualinesti)
  • (The Clan Wamphyre is for immortal testplayers only.)

    All New players will start off as members of the Seekers clan with the tabard item.
    (see help seekers for more details)

    Each of the Clans has a ClanHall, with a Guild Master, food and potion shops, a noticeboard and a Healer, as well as rooms where you can kill good or evil mobs to change your alignment.

    Clans also have several exits. One that leads to Recall, four that will lead to each of the 4 Dimensions, and the last one is to a particular zone. The zone that the Clan is attached to is usually very in theme with the Clan itself.

    Members of the same clan can talk to each other by using the command “ctell”, a channel which can only be heard by other clan members.

    All Clans have different policies, rules, application fees and requirements for joining, and you can view those in the Clan Office south of Recall.
    – Table Round is for good aligned, Dark-Jedi and Sicilians for evil aligned.
    – The rest of the Clans are all neutral.

    People who have remorted and don’t join any of the above clans are considered to be loners.

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