When Creating a character you will be prompted to pick the style of class you wish to play.

There are 8 classes in the Mud, roughly they can be divided
into three subtypes:

Rogue Classes = Gypsy, Thief, Ranger
Spellcasting Classes = Esper, Priest, Mage
Fighter Classes = Hunter, Warrior

The ROGUE CLASSES, get a slight speed bonus when they use the lighter weapon types, like stabbing or piercing weapons. They get good damage bonuses when they use skills to attack with, but in general, combat relies mostly on avoiding attacks, to be able to whittle down opponents. They are very good as tanks because of their low chance of being hit.

Ranger/thief/gypsy classes will like +dex +move +str items.

The SPELLCASTING CLASSES are lousy fighters with a weapon since they need to concentrate and have both hands free to cast their spells. If they are bare handed, they have a default magic attack, which depending on their level, tier, and also some skills or equipment can become faster and more powerful. They also use ORBS and STAVES to enhance their magic.

The skill MANIFEST creates an ORB from an existing weapon. A Staff, which is more powerful, has to be created by the skill WOODSING but not by the mages themselves.

Mage/priest/esper classes will like +int +cha +hp items.

The FIGHTER CLASSES have overall good defense and focus primarily on melee damage, where almost every skill they have goes towards increasing their overall damage and battle ability, rather than a sudden burst of damage or speed.

Hunter/warrior classes will like +damroll +hp +str items.

You will get a bit more detailed info about the nature of each class by typing

To see what skills and spells each class has, type SKILLLIST CLASSNAME.

When reaching level 20, you will be prompted to CHOOSE a class from the list above and also receive some additional stat points to distribute as you see fit.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can switch classes, or advance in your current class by reaching level 50

You will then access the next tier by using the REMORT feature to access the next tier unlocking more powerful spells and skills, and higher health brackets.

After completing 4 tiers in a class you will also gain a permanent bonus to your character and can then pick a new class to advance further. and this paves the way to the Grandmaster Rank after completing all 8 classes.

The details for each class can be accessed in-game by typing help class, stats and a full list of the skills/spells can be found on the Wiki

See also: Races

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