Website Update:

Update: Welcome to the new website for 4Dimensions Mud

After a long development, The WordPress site has now become the new landing page for
all of the menus have been updated, and the Wiki also has a copy of the previous content like maps/currency/quests etc, and a copy of the in-game help files.

Please feel free to mail/note Molly/Diandra or myself of errors or changes that you think would improve things.

Or fill out a quick web survey.


Updates and Adding new features:
For the right-hand menu, recent posts and discord chat test widget are now live.

Connecting to discord with the following invite link.
will join you to the #general chat channel, private channels for all clans and admin have been added but you will need an invite as needed to join those.

Please test and let me know what you think by sending me a note in game, or leaving a comment in the general chat window.


New site wip

Currently the new site is having some WordPress permission issues, and the post are not linking directly.

The menu links on the left and right hand sides should be working normally and the current players list should update when the page is refreshed.

more updates will follow.

Page posts/page linking issue resolved
Updated vote list with World Online Games and set all to open in a new tab/window.
investigating buddypress issue with user account profile pages not loading.