New Area: Castle Roogna and the Southern Range

Castle Roogna and the Southern Range

Before she retired years ago, Fenix left us with an unfinished zone based on the Xanth series of books. Now, her remastered work can be explored.

Along the Western Trade Route, about halfway to Camelot, Castle Roogna lies protected by a magical barrier. King Dor and Queen Iris need your help to take their son and daughter on an exciting quest.   Your adventures should take you far and wide.  Check in with Irene to get an appointment with the King.


Along the Southern Bend, a towering mountain range looms high in the sky over Odessin and the Orc outpost.  What mysteries do these mountains hold, and what civilization lies beyond their peaks?  Few have even discovered the Southern Bend, fewer still will solve this puzzle.

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