New Area: Castle Roogna and the Southern Range

Castle Roogna and the Southern Range

Before she retired years ago, Fenix left us with an unfinished zone based on the Xanth series of books. Now, her remastered work can be explored.

Along the Western Trade Route, about halfway to Camelot, Castle Roogna lies protected by a magical barrier. King Dor and Queen Iris need your help to take their son and daughter on an exciting quest.   Your adventures should take you far and wide.  Check in with Irene to get an appointment with the King.


Along the Southern Bend, a towering mountain range looms high in the sky over Odessin and the Orc outpost.  What mysteries do these mountains hold, and what civilization lies beyond their peaks?  Few have even discovered the Southern Bend, fewer still will solve this puzzle.

New Area: Kamino Cloning Facility

Rise Of The Clones

Somewhere in the Outer Rim, on the aquatic planet of Kamino, Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas has commissioned a grand army for the Galactic Republic.  Just before he was killed, Sifo-Dyas erased the exact location from the archives.

The father of the clones, Jango Fett, has been identified as the mastermind behind the assassination attempts on Senator Amidala.  He spends his days holed up in the Kamino Cloning Facilities, on the run from Obi Wan.

You’ll need to hunt the outer reaches of the known galaxy around Coruscant if you want to find it.  While you’re there, maybe you can eliminate the clone army and save the republic from itself.


There are no shuttles bound for Kamino, you’ll need to look for something out of place.
Dimension: Future
Difficulty: Medium
Rooms: 50

New Area: The Orc Uprising

The Orc Uprising!!

Calling all Worg Riders!! Save Old Yorke!!

Somewhere south of Yorke, the fragile peace between the goblins and the orcs has been shattered, and the goblins are the only thing left to prevent the orcs from storming Old Yorke.  Though the goblins are holding the orcs at bay, their reserves of combat-ready warriors are running thin.  Worg Riders are needed urgently!  Find General Griel and enlist now!


Questcard: 126
Dimension: Medieval
Difficulty: Medium
Rooms: 100

New Area: Starwars – Planet Jakku

The Path Of Awakening

A long, long time from now, in a zone far, far away, the force lies dormant beneath the hot desert sands on the wasteland planet of Jakku. AT-ATs sit broken in the dunes as First Order stormtroopers march by searching for a missing ball-droid.

A scavenger named Rey needs your help to find her parents while Poe Dameron tries in vain to repair his broken X-Wing fighter. Want to make some imperial credits? Join the junk traders who roam the deserts in search of wreckage to trade. Or find the Graveyard of Giants, somewhere beyond Cratertown, where the behemoths lie.

But beware the silver-plated stormtrooper, her
wrath is to be feared. With more planets, ships and meteors
yet to come, will you awaken the force?


Shuttles leave from the Corellian Centerpoint, or the Space Port on Level Four, Bay Eleven.
Dimension: Future
Difficulty: Medium
Rooms: 100