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Welcome to The 4Dimensions Wiki!

590 articles have been created since 2016.

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This wiki gives The 4 Dimensions (4D) players and immortals a place to share their knowledge and wisdom with others: it also contains numerous resources like a copy of the Quest Cards and Help files from in game and various building guides We invite you to create an account and add to the wiki!

In addition to reading and contributing to the wiki, we also invite you to participate in the 4D Forums, where you can talk about subjects related to the game, and find updates posted about various in game changes and developments.

Anyone who creates an account may create or edit wiki pages. Consult the User's Guide for information on editing wiki pages. Aren't sure how to go about contributing? Visit the How to Contribute Content page for 'how-tos'. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our Projects list!

Need help with finding something? Use the Search box to the upper right, or take a look at the Categories of information available.

General Information

Introduction to MUDS - For those who have never played a MUD.
Introduction to 4D - New to 4 Dimensions?
Connecting to 4D - How to connect to the game.
Character Creation - Step by step instructions.
Abbreviations Guide - What those abbreviations/acronyms mean.


Classes - Character classes
Races - Character Races
Stats - Your statistics skill points.
Zones and Areas - The places within the Realm.
New Player Guides - Various Guides for New Players
Commands - List of commands, outputs and tips on usage.
Quests - List of Player and Immortal initiated quests.
Clans - List of the Current Clans and info

Practical Information

Player Killing - Optional Player vs Player combat.
Directions - How to get where you want to go.
Currency - Currency and their values.
Clients - Various Clients and how to configure them to connect.

Roleplay and Stories

4D Background Story The Creation of the Realms
RP Guides - RP guides and how to get started.
Player Background Stories - Character Stories
Stories of the Realms - interesting stories...
RP Logs - logs of memorable events.

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Getting started