An upgrade of the skinning feature. – 25 May 2015 – Molly

You can now process your skins, by first scraping and then rubbing and tanning them. The utility and information you need for this, (a Leather Knife and a Tanning Vat), can be found in the Tanner’s Workshop, in Crafter’s Alley, Northeast of Olde Yorke. Looking at the knife, the vat and the developed objects that you produce, will give further info about what else you need.

There is also more detailed info about the process on our webpage: Market for Crafted Objects. The price for the processed skins and leather will generally be much better than for the raw ones, (with the exception of a few, very valuable skins).

A list of the potential buyers is below:

Fingal, the Furrier in Crafter’s Alley
Bill, the Leather worker in Olde Yorke
Lionel, the armourer in Olde Yorke
Torin, the Dwarf armorer in The Mine
Dirty Harry, the armorer of Thandar
Goberone, the armoire shopkeeper in Osten Ard
Velad, the armory keeper in the Elven Metropolis

Cooking and Catering. – 29 April 2015 – Molly

Cooking and Catering offers a new and improved option to develop and trade the products from the Farm Fields and Garden Plots north and west of Olde Yorke. It involves a bit of legwork, since you have to grow some of the ingredients, develop some of them yourself, and collect others all over the Realms. But it is also rewarding, since the customers pay a good price in Tokens.

To get started as a cook, you need to seek out Ma Brown, who lives in a small cottage on North Trade Road, between Olde Yorke and Osten Ard. She’ll take you on as an apprentice when asked, and will also give you many useful tips, each time you ask for a lesson.

Once you’ve graduated as a cook, and get Ma Brown’s Recipe Book, you need to find a kitchen. You’ll probably find the actual cooking pretty easy, since you’ll get help with it, but an advice is to collect all the ingredients, before you start cooking.

Then you can trade the finished dish to one of the 12 Taverns, that are part of Ma Brown’s Catering Network, for a good price. You’ll find a list of these Taverns and their preferences in Ma Brown’s Recipe Book, which also contains 8 recipes and some valuable tips about where to look for the ingredients.

There is more detailed info on our Forum in the CRAFTING/SOFT Skills board under Cooking and Catering.

Massive update of the Old West. – 23 February 2015 – Molly

The following Old West zones have been updated to our current Building standards:

– Westward Ho! – Dodge City – The Circus – The Range – The Gold mine – Dry Gulch

– Legend – Hole in the Wall – The Prairie – Tombstone – California Docks

Direction and extra descs have been added, and there are also several new rooms, mobs, objects and quests in most of them.

There are also three brand new zones, so don’t expect any of it to be as you are used to.

I did try not to interfere too much with the old Westward Ho trail, but there is a small change in the stretch between Pueblo and the Hole in the Wall, so the Blindmaps will need to be updated.

The three new zones are:

– The Ranch (400 rooms) South of Dodge City

– In the Wild (400 Rooms) East and South of Legend

– The Railway (100 Rooms) Runs between Dodge City and Tombstone

Descriptions of those are in the Map Room ingame.

There are also at least a dozen new quests, many of them in the older zones, others involving several zones. (See the questcards 114-117 also ingame.)

With this new update also comes 3 new features:

– Ranching (Raise, drive and sell your own herd of animals on the Cattle Market)

– Trapping (Trap and skin animals, trade skins in the Hudson’s Bay Trading Posts)

– Goldpanning and Prospecting (can now be done in many places all over the west)

This, in combination with the quests, means many new ways to collect Tokens and Tradepoints. The easiest way to learn more about the new features is to buy the manuals, that are sold in the Trading Posts along the old main trail.

Special thanks goes to Diandra, who did a big update of Legend, and to Rynald, who did the code for fencing, herding and life cycle of the Ranch animals.

Both Diandra and Rynald also helped with a lot of the scripts, especially when I got stuck myself.