An upgrade of the skinning feature. – 25 May 2015 – Molly

You can now process your skins, by first scraping and then rubbing and tanning them. The utility and information you need for this, (a Leather Knife and a Tanning Vat), can be found in the Tanner’s Workshop, in Crafter’s Alley, Northeast of Olde Yorke. Looking at the knife, the vat and the developed objects that you produce, will give further info about what else you need.

There is also more detailed info about the process on our webpage: Market for Crafted Objects. The price for the processed skins and leather will generally be much better than for the raw ones, (with the exception of a few, very valuable skins).

A list of the potential buyers is below:

Fingal, the Furrier in Crafter’s Alley
Bill, the Leather worker in Olde Yorke
Lionel, the armourer in Olde Yorke
Torin, the Dwarf armorer in The Mine
Dirty Harry, the armorer of Thandar
Goberone, the armoire shopkeeper in Osten Ard
Velad, the armory keeper in the Elven Metropolis