News Update

06 Sep

A Challenge to you - a contest too.

Written by Kvetch Read 1 time

I challenge any and all of you to write a creepy story - perhaps a myth about an area around where you live - incorporate your character in that story.

25 Jul

Couple of Events coming up!

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Two events are scheduled for this weekend. Feel free to log on and participate!

12 Jul

RP Event Main event continues tonight

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Due to some unforeseen circumstance, Bane was unable to run the event last night. He promises tonight it will go on.

08 Jul

RP Event - Main Event Continues

Written by Kvetch Read 1 time

Friday, July 11th, at 9pm (eastern standard time - also "current machine time" when you type date in the game) the RP event to hunt down the Ghost will continue.

24 Jun

Easier to download the online 4D Graphic Maps

Written by Molly Read 1 time

Are you already using the Client app to Mushclient, provided by KaVir?
If not, you should really try it. These graphic maps are really awesome, and makes orientation so much easier, when exploring.
And now Mordecai has procured a better link, that lets you download the entire package in one click! Click on READ MORE to get the link.

20 Jun


Written by Kvetch Read 1 time

Join Vurashima on his quest to capture the notorious villain "Ghost" starting at 9pm EST (game) time on June 29th. More information can be found on the game. Please note that the day has changed from the original 24th to the 29th.

17 Jun

New Zone!

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Dragon Forest is now open! Read More for more details!

30 May

And who do we have here?

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Betrayed by his stepfather while guarding the rear of Charlemagne's army, Roland defended the army with all his might. Roland refused to call the main army back for assistance, assuming that the rear guard could handle it, but in the end, Roland died as he sounded his olifant, knowing full well, the rear guard was defeated and dead even before Charlemagne's army could return.

- source material - The Song of Roland

27 May

What is that upon the wind?

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There is a change afoot and that change has to do with the past and the present, both in the zone - as it's a zone that used to be in the game a long, long time ago - and IN the zone - as it has to do with both the past of the zone and the present in the zone. Have I confused you? Good. If not.. Darn it, that's what I was going for.

As to my previous dream about a train - ignore it - it seems that trains been derailed.

25 May

Have you ever wanted a Vegas wedding?

Written by Kvetch Read 1 time

So well all know that Vegas weddings have a lot of bells and whistles and let me tell you, the newest IMM to our fold has come with a *lot* of bells and whistles. She has proven through everything she's done with her mort that she believes in the future of the mud as much as the rest of us - even as players come and go. She's already had her fingers in so many pies, I'm surprised she still has fingers (and we still have pies...). Through her mort she's help open our eyes to some more possibilities when it comes to opening up the player base, and we hope she will continue to do so.


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