Del’Vante Estate now open for haunting!

East of recall is a park, in which a path has appeared to open between a deep, dark and creepy forest.  If you follow said path, you will find your way to the Del’Vante estate, an estate that is assured to be haunted.  You see, Solorn Del’Vante was an evil and vile man – at least that is the rumors – who kidnapped the towns children and tortured them in his basement.  Sanity isn’t one of the things known to come with inbreeding, and the Del’Vante family is said to be the worst inbreeders out there.  Or was that worst breeders and had to do with dogs?  Rumors, you know how they are, you can never quite follow the truth between all the web of lies and deceit.

The level of the house is relatively low level with only extremely low level mobs being aggressive.  There are plenty of quests for those that don’t like to hack and slash their way through areas, the main one being to find all of the billiard balls and returning them to the billiard table.

I promised a complete overhaul of the zone for this year, but alas, real life reared it’s ugly head (I took notes on the ugliness for the future zone) and I was not able to do so.  Though, there is a new “Halloween only” item this year which can be used in conjunction with the item found last year.

So, follow that path and head up to that light in the top of the tower where only your soul will be your cost to living – if you can truly live without your soul.